The bomber jacket was developed in the 1950’s when jet aircraft flying emerged. The first bomber jacket, titled MA-1, was designed to fit the requirements of military flying and it provided functionality, safety and comfort for the pilot. The MA-1 bomber is still worn to this day and in the past few years has been a steady favorite in many collections from more high-end to high street labels. When one looks at the classic MA-1 bomber jacket, there are numerable features which make the garment a recognizable classic: the ribbed collar, sleeve ends and hem, the side flap pockets, the front zipper and the large zipped pocket on the left sleeve. Odeur SS15 Tech Bomber has most of these design features but they have been altered by making a thing on the outside part of the inside, so that what is instantly recognizable as a MA-1 bomber jacket design becomes something new. This is for instance seen on the left zipped sleeve pocket which features the small, narrow compartments. What also enhances the tech effect on the Odeur SS15 bomber jacket is the sophisticated polyester fabric, which means that the jacket is easy to care and can be washed in 40 degrees.

by Joonas
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